The basic Uzi

The sub-machine gun made in Israel.Check out the amazing destructive power and high shooting velocity.Many armies and polices are using this gun in the real world now.


Damage: 3.3

Fire Rate: 8.9

Weight: 3.0

Magazine: 32

Accuracy: 6.0


Uzi blue
Uzi blood

Uzi Blood

The Uzi is one of those guns that are pretty middle of the road.It does not have a really good point,but doesn't have a really bad point either.Its magazine capacity fits the Uzi as the high fire rate will deplete the mag very fast.This gun is not widely used by the community but it is a solid gun and you should try it out if you can spare the BP.


The basic Uzi variant can be bought for:

  • 1700 BP for 1 hour

The Uzi Blue variant can be bought for:

  • 60GS(Garena Shells)for 1 day
  • Uzi-Nzi 2

    The Uzi-Nzi variant

    180GS for 3 days
  • 360GS for 7 days

The Uzi Blood variant can only be found in Gachapon Box B.

Price of 1 try in Box B: 90GS

The Uzi-Nzi variant can only be acquired by trying Box A

Price of 1 try in Box A: 90GS