Type 64


Explusive battle rifle used by the Japanese self-defence force.It utilizes 7.35 mm NATO rounds and has the most effective range when shooting single shots.


Damage: 4.1

Fire Rate: 9.0

Weight: 4.2

Magazine: 20

Accuracy; 7.4


The Type 64 is a good weapon as it has a low recoil and is pretty average at range.Stated in the description,the Type 64 IS amazing when single shoting,but its main con is its small 20 round mag.Quick Hands and Magazine Extension are good tatics to buy if you can spare the BP.Quick Hands makes your original quick reloads even faster and will decrease the time you get caught reloading.Magazine Extension extends your Type 64 clip and also reduces the times you have to reload.You will be able to pump many shots into your enemies with its high fire rate and large mags.


The Type 64 can be bought for:

  • 1800BP for 1 hour
  • 5500BP for 3 hours
  • 16,500BP for 10 hours
  • 46,900BP for 30 hours