The SWM500 in-game



This pistol is the most powerful hand-gun in the world.Owning to its power,it's not that easy to control the recoil.


Damage: 5.9

Fire Rate: 6.0

Weight: 2.0

Magazine: 5

Accuracy: 9.0


Although the Smith and Wesson M500 is the most powerful handgun in Blackshot, the Desert Eagle may have a better performance.First off,the Desert Eagle and the SWM500 both need 2 shots to kill regardless of the SWM500's increased damage.Second,the Deagle has a better fire rate of 6.3,and also a better capacity or 7 rounds.The accuracy is where the SWM500 shines with its accuracy of 9.0 instead of the Deagle's accuracy of 5.5 .Lastly,the SWM500 is more expensive than the Deagle by 100BP.The choice of whether you want to get the SWM500 or the Desert Eagle is yours.


The normal SWM500 can be purchased for:

  • 1000 BP for 1 hour