A gun developed based on the AK-47 in Finland.Fire rate and weight has been enhanced compared to the AK-47


Damage: 4.5

Fire Rate: 8.8

Weight: 6.9

Magazine: 30

Accuracy: 8.8


The RK-95 is a good assault rifle,but is bested by its cousin,the AK-47.The AK-47 has a better damage at 5.5 while the RK-95 has a damage of 4.5.This means the AK will be a 2-hit kill while the RK will be a 3-hit kill.Unlike what the description states,the fire rate of the RK is the same as the AK's at 8.8 .The weight,however,has a slight difference of 0.1 .The main arguement for the RK-95 is that it has a usable scope and is cheaper than the AK-47 by 100 BP.If you want a gun that is all-rouded,this might be it.


The RK-95 normal can be bought for:

  • 2000 BP for 1 day