Med Kit(1) DescriptionEdit

Med kit

Gradually replenish HP by recovering 6 HP per second for 11 times.There is a 80 second recharge period for this item.

HP recovered: 66HP

Med Kit(2) DescriptionEdit

Gradually replenish HP by recording 12 HP per second for 6 times.There is a 40 second recharge period for this item, the medkit 2 heal faster than the normal medkit .

HP recovered: 72HP


The Med Kit is an item many use as it can come in handy in all game mode , but the problem of medkit is you must wait till the bar recharge then you can use it again .


The basic Med Kit can be bought for:

  • 1400BP for 1 day
  • 7700BP for 7 days
  • 28,000BP for 30 days
  • 70,000BP for 90 days

The Med Kit 2 can be purchased for:

  • 40GS(Garena Shells)for 1 day
  • 120GS for 7 days
  • 240GS for 30 days