The basic MP5

Description Edit

The MP5 is the standard SMG for many special forces around the world.Because of its balanced characteristics,the MP5 is the perfect choice for all novices.

Statistics Edit

Damage: 3.8

Fire Rate: 9.1

Weight: 3.2

Magazine: 30

Accurcay: 3.6


The Heckler and Koch MP5 is the best weapon to use whether you are out of BP or using it for fun.It has a controllable recoil,a good magazine capacity and it is free(only to Travis and Vanessa),making this gun popular in the Blackshot community.


The basic MP5(only available to Cathy and Adam) can be bought for:

  • 800 BP for 1 hour

The MP5K-PDW variant can be bought for:

  • 2000 BP for 1 hour

The MP5K-PDW Desert camo can be bought for:

  • 30 GS(Garena Shells) for 1 day
  • 90 GS for 7 days
  • 180 GS for 30 days

The MP5K-PDW Heart is a variant made for Valentines Day and is not available now.