Weapon DescriptionEdit

Utilized by the US Marine or by Special Ops,the weapon has been customized for the direct purpose of M4A1 Operations.The higher magnification of the attached scope,provides greater advantage during long range shooting.

This is one of the 5 variants of the M4A1 .The others are M4A1 DGI-C,M4A1 Desert,M4A1 Strider,M4A1 NZ1.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Damage 4.4
Fire Rate 8.9
Weight 6.3
Magazine 30(42 with the Magazine Extension gear)
Accuracy 7.5


The M4A1 SOPMOD is better from the normal variant from damage and fire rate.Although the accuracy is lower than the M4A1,the default scope attachment provides better range and eliminates the need for purchasing the scope attachment.


The weapon is available at the Shop for 2300BP for 1 hour,6900BP for 3 hours,23000 BP for 10 hours and 69000 for 30 hours.