M1 carbine
M1 carbine irons

M1 Carbine iron sights


The M1 Carbine is a firearm developed and equipped as a personal defense weapon for the US Army during World War II.It is small,light and easy to use.


Damage: 5.5

Fire Rate: 4.8

Weight: 7.5

Magazine: 15

Accuracy: 9.0


The M1 Carbine is an unpopular assault rifle as it is as expensive or even more expensive than a few community favourites like the XM8 or HK416 .It also has a pathetic magazine capacity of 15 rouds,which will mean frequent reloading or the Magazine Extension gear.Unlike what it said in the description,the M1 is NOT light at all.It is very heavy and will slow you down,which might lead to a few grenade deaths.It isn't obsolete though.It has a great damage at 5.5(same as the AK47 ),high accuracy,includes iron sights for good placement of shots and since it is a semi-automatic weapon,it has low recoil.


The M1 Carbine can be purchased for:

  • 1900BP for 1 hour
  • 5700BP for 3 hours
  • 19,000BP for 10 hours
  • 57,000BP for 30 hours