The once sacred grounds now hold a dirty secret or mass destruction and it is up to you and your team to save the world.Wipe out your enemies and unravel the hidden secret before its forbidden walls become your tomb!
Lost temple main
Lost temple

Blue Team loading screen

Lost temple blue base

Blue base

Lost temple 2

Red team loading screen

Lost temple red base

Red base


Lost Temple is a classic map that has 3 levels.The bottom level is the spawns for both the blue and red teams and it includes a middle area where many tend to snipe and in the middle holds a random grenade that can be picked up.The second floor is where most of the rifle and SMG users go to as it has a medium-sized area leading to the stairs which goes up to the 3rd level.The 3rd level is the power position for many as it overlooks the enemy base and the steps which people come up from.Campers tend to be around there so keep your eyes peeled.There is also a small cliff that players can use to reach the second floor but beware!This path can also be spotted by enemy players on the 2nd and 3rd floor.