Drum shotgun g

Holy Shotgun modified weapon.Shape has been changed from cross to line shape.Similar Specification but decreased damage.


Damage; 9.9

Fire Rate: 1.0

Weight: 3.6

Magazine: 12

Accuracy: 4.4


The Drum Shotgun-G is most probably the worst weapon to use in the entire game.Its low damage usually requires a follow-up shot but its low fire rate makes it almost impossible to kill a person.It also has a very low accuracy and even in close quarters it does not get 1-hit kills.The Drum Shotgun-G is a weapon you should only use if you are not afraid to have a negative kill-death ratio.


The Drum Shotgun-G can be purchased for:

  • 1600BP for 1 hour
  • 4600BP for 3 hours
  • 14,700BP for 10 hours
  • 41,700BP for 30 hours