Defend your bunker until rescue arrives!Team up with your Blackshot mates and defend your fort against an endless stream of NPCs(non-player controlled).With limited heath,supplies and relentless terrorists on the loose,can you and your team hold out until help arrives?


Day Break is the only Bunker Defense map to date.It consists of a bunker where the player(s) will have to defend it and some other buildings where enemies will be shooting you from.The bunker has 4 openings,which you can use to defend the bunker by shooting the enemies that have the explosives(marked by a red diamond).Bunker Defense is a great gametype to play as it pits you and your friends against the computer controlled foes.It will also allow you to try out new guns as sometimes a weapon will drop and you can pick it up to defend yourself.Your pistol will have unlimited ammo so as to keep you in the fight in case you run out of ammo and there aren't any weapon pickups.Heath packs are in front of the crashed helicopter so if you need some health you can walk over it and your health will replenish.You can also revive teammates and prevent them from getting deaths,but many do not revive other players for some unknown reason.