Car 15


This rifle is a specialized,modified version of the m16 as its shortened barrel makes it compact and light weight.


Damage: 4.0

Fire Rate: 8.7

Weight: 3.6

Magazine: 30

Accuracy: 8.2


Car15 irons

CAR 15 iron sights

The CAR-15 is a unique weapon as it has iron-sights which allows you to place shots.This sounds great,but the middle post is too thick and the crosshairs are larger than and average assault rifle crosshairs.Aim down the sight only when you have to dispatch long range targets.Try this gun out if you want but it can be very inconsistent.

Note: This weapon can only be bought with Garena Shells(GS).


The CAR-15 can be bought for:

  • 60GS(Garena Shells) for 1 day
  • 180GS for 7 days
  • 360GS for 30 days