The Beretta 93 is a powerful weapon with a high fire rate,but the resulting


heavy recoil is hard to control.


Damage; 3.8

Fire Rate: 8.9

Weight: 3.6

Magazine: 17

Accuracy: 5.5


The Beretta 93 is a good close quarter sidearm and it has a good amount of bullets to sustain its high fire rate.One of the 2 machine pistol secondaries,the Beretta is the more expensive and also the gun with the higher recoil.The G18 has a lower damage but higher recoil so it is your choice whether you want a low recoil or high damage machine pistol.

Trivia:The 'R' in Beretta 93R stands for 'Raffica' which is Italian for "burst",but it is not a 3-round burst pistol in Blackshot.


The basic Beretta 93 can be purchased for:

  • 900 BP for 1 hour