The official name is the AUG-SA80.It is a powerful weapon that has l

Courtesy of CODmaniacman

ow magnifying capacities that give the AUG high accuracy in mid-long distance combat.


Damage: 4.3

Fire Rate: 8.7

Weight: 4.0

Magazine; 30

Accuracy: 6.0

Overall Edit

The AUG is good for maps that have mid-long range combat as you can use the scope to pick off targets at a distance and use your crosshairs to aim at mid range opponents.It is good in maps like 'Lost Temple ' or 'Sand Storm'.The low fire rate,however,is a major downside as it will not perform as well up close as it does at a distance.


The basic AUG can be bought for:

  • 1900BP for 1 hour
  • 5500BP for 3 hours
  • 17,400BP for 10 hours
  • 49500BP for 30 hours

The AUG Zebra can be purchased for:

  • 60GS(Garena Shells)for 1 day
  • 180GS for 7 days
  • 360Gs for 3o days